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Central Hutt Vets has MPI-approved vets who offer a full export certification service for cats and dogs to Australia.
Animals to be exported must comply with Australian entry requirements. Official guidance regarding the export of pets to Australia can be found here on the MPI website.

Our MPI-approved vets can also assist with the export of cats and dogs to other countries.
It’s important to note that each country sets its own requirements, and they may differ considerably. Refer to MPI’s guidance for Pets Leaving NZ

General requirements for exporting
All pets that leave NZ must be microchipped and may require up-to-date routine vaccinations and treatment for external and internal parasites. Animals to be exported must also pass a stringent pre-departure health check to be approved to fly and enter the destination country. In some cases, additional vaccinations and/or blood tests are necessary.

The process can take some time, so it’s important to make contact well in advance.

If you require export services for your pet, please fill in the following form and an MPI-recognised Official Veterinarian from our team will be in contact with you soon.


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