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Please read our following terms of engagement.

If you agree and would like to apply to register as a client of Central Hutt Vets,
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Central Hutt Vets - Terms of Engagement

As a client of Central Hutt Vet Clinic, I understand that:

  • annual vaccinations and check-ups are critical to providing my pet with preventative care and for detecting developing health conditions.
  • dental care and maintenance, including periodic dental cleaning under anaesthetic, is a very important part of my animal's overall health and comfort.
  • having a pet may sometimes result in unanticipated expenses, and that Central Hutt Vets recommend that I arrange pet insurance, access to savings, or finance options to ensure I can provide care for my pet if needed.
  • payment is required at the time of service being provided. Central Hutt Vets accept Mastercard, Visa, and Amex and Afterpay. Unpaid bills may be sent to debt collection and have debt collection fees added.
  • the clinic can be very busy and appointment slots are in demand. To keep consultations running on schedule, it is important to arrive for appointments on time, although emergency cases may take priority. Central Hutt Vets reserves the right to charge for missed appointments that were not notified in advance. 

If you agree, please proceed filling out the following form adding all necessary pets

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